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Clothing Optional Oasis… Resort & Campground!

Our facilities include a pool and hot tub, a movie and entertainment area, and lots of space to kick back, relax and be one with nature!




Every Saturday – Poolside Karaoke

6 – 10p every Saturday night weather permitting.  Ladies $5, gentlemen $10, members and overnight campers are free.  BYO drinks and snacks – NO GLASS!

Every Wednesday- Ladies Day


$30 + tax for the gentlemen

Potluck Style Happy Hour

5pm-8pm Every Wednesday

Ladies free, gentlemen half price after 5pm.  Bring a bottle of wine or snacks to share.  A great way to meet new people!

The Nautical Nudists

Monthly meetings are held at Bare RV Resort on the first Thursday evening of every month. Contact Nautical Nudists directly for more information on joining.

First Time

Perfect for first-time nudists

Bare RV Resort is perfect for first-time nudists. We are woman owned/operated and offer a welcoming and relaxing environment for you to explore nudity. The resort has a lovely recreation area where you may adjust at your own pace. Be one with nature!

Prepare for your visit

Our resort is completely BYO at this time.  Come prepared with everything you will need for your visit.  Feel free to pack a small cooler for your day visit (no glass in the recreation area).

Curious but don’t want to commit? Take a free tour

Curious but not entirely sure you’re ready? We completely understand. Visiting a nudist resort can be a little scary the first time. We’ve all been there too, so we invite you to take a complimentary tour of the resort before you make any decisions.

We’ll go over basic nudist etiquette and show you first-hand our beautiful facilities. It’s a quick tour and there’s never any sales pitch or pressure to stay. If you choose to stay, your first visit will be half price.

What to expect

At first, the sight of other nude guests may be a little startling. However, you’ll soon discover that nudists are amazingly comfortable in their own skin. Most guests stop noticing the nudity after about 15 minutes to an hour. It just seems so natural and normal when everyone is doing it.

Nudists are eager to welcome new visitors

Once you relax and get comfortable, you’ll really begin to enjoy yourself. You’ll make new friends almost immediately. Nudists are very open and eager to welcome new visitors.

You’ll sunbathe and get rid of those tan lines. We have a large, heated pool with lounge chairs. That’s where our guests spend most of their time. Our goal is to maintain a safe, welcoming environment where our guests can truly relax and feel comfortable. If you agree, we hope to see you by the pool!




Day Pass Rates

Single Ladies – $16.05
Single Males – $32.10
Couples – $37.45

* AANR members receive 10% off day passes

* Overnight campers receive a 25% discount on day passes


Camping Rates*

One Night Tent Camping – $22.40

(tent stays limited to 30 days)

One Night RV Camping – $56.00

Monthly Camping:  effective July 1, 2024
Premium Sites: May – Oct $900 / Nov – Apr $1,000
Standard Sites: May – Oct $800 / Nov – Apr $900

Call 813-996-6008 for reservations

* all visits require a day pass or annual membership

Annual Membership Rates

Membership Options (in lieu of day fees)
Membership (Single) – $535.00
Membership (Couple) – $642.00
Membership ( + One) – $784.00

* AANR members receive 10% off memberships

Membership Benefits

Expedited check-in, 10% off merchandise,
25% off guest passes & priority camping reservations. 



6901 Caliente Boulevard, Land O Lakes, Florida 34637, United States


Daily: 10:00 am – 06:00 pm


No person under the age of 21 is permitted upon the Premises of the Bare RV Resort.

Guests enter the Premises pursuant to a non-exclusive non-assignable non-transferable revocable temporary license. No additional rights or privileges are intended or created in the Premises of Bare RV Resort for any Guest.

Nude recreation provides a natural and wholesome opportunity for many health and social benefits promoted by the Bare RV Resort. However, overt sexual behavior, sexually suggestive language, dancing, dress or displays of affection are prohibited in shared spaces.

No illegal or illicit drugs are allowed anywhere upon the Premises of the Bare RV Resort.

No illegal or illicit activities are allowed anywhere upon the Premises of the Bare RV Resort.

Guests must use headphones with all personal audio devices including music devices and telephones.

Most nudists do not wish to be photographed. Still and video photography is not permitted without staff supervision.

Glass items are not allowed in the pool area, hot tub area or shower areas.

There is no lifeguard in the pool area or the hot tub area. The risk of use of the pool and hot tub areas is assumed by Guests and the Bare RV Resort shall have no liability for Guests’ use of the same. No diving in the pool or hot tubs. Shower using soap and water before entering the pool area or hot tub area. Observe additional notices and/or rules posted in the pool area, the hot tub area and elsewhere about the Premises of the Bare RV Resort.

Guests shall sit on a towel in all shared spaces.

Running, horseplay, aggressive and other dangerous or objectionable behavior or activities that disrupt the harmony and tranquil atmosphere of the Bare RV Resort is not permitted. Noxious or offensive behavior is prohibited, including but not limited to, profanity, illicit sexual behavior, urination, defecation, public intoxication or any annoyance or nuisance to the community.

Alcohol must be used in moderation; intoxication is not permitted.

Smoking of legal materials, e-cigarettes and vaping is allowed only in designated locations on the Premises of the Bare RV Resort. Do not put cigarette butts anywhere other than designated receptacles.

Pets are allowed only in the camping area of the Bare RV Resort.  Pets must be kept on a leash and supervised at all times except when maintained in a confined space such as a motor vehicle or RV.  Guests and/or pet owners shall indemnify, save and hold the Owners of the Bare RV Resort harmless of any liability resulting from any act or behavior of any pet on the Premises. Aggressive. annoying and nuisance pets (e.g. biting, growling, excessive barking) are not allowed on the Premises.  Pet waste must be removed and disposed of immediately.

Additional notices and rules may be posted about the Premises of the Bare RV Resort. Guests must observe and comply with said notices and rules.

The Owners and Managers of the Bare RV Resort shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, gender orientation, or any other legally prohibited basis. The Owners and Managers of the Bare RV Resort reserve the right to deny admission to the Premises of the Bare RV Resort to any person. Use of the Premises of the Bare RV Resort is a privilege granted by the Owners of the Bare RV Resort and not a right.

Violation of any Rule of Conduct may subject a Guest to removal from the Premises of the Bare RV Resort and/or the denial of future use of the Premises. No fee paid by any person for the use of the Premises of the Bare RV Resort shall be refunded to any Guest denied access or removed from the Premises as a result of any violation of these Rules of Conduct and any pre-paid fees are forfeited.

Guests shall indemnify, save and hold harmless the Owners, Managers, Employees and any agent or representative of them from any death or injury sustained upon the Premises of the Bare RV Resort.

The Rules of Conduct of the Bare RV Resort may be modified or amended from time to time. Guests shall comply with all Rules of Conduct in effect at the time.

Last update 7/19/22


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